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5/19/06 02:22 am - oh man

this is going to be another

stupid coffee.

5/18/06 01:16 am - why am i awake at 1am

Very simple. My neighbor is setting off FIREWORKS. -_-

3/1/06 09:33 pm

So I come home and turn on TV and what do I see but a TV show about a fat kid walking around school with a gun and some handsome strapping lad carrying a wounded girl out of the school. Then there's an angsty monologue about how we let hate into our hearts and then the actors tell us about a number we can call when we're at the end of our rope. Uhhh, thanks.

And AOL is being lame and not letting me sign on.

3/1/06 02:45 pm - :(

So I called the DMV to make sure I can get my license soon and they said they fucked up. Somehow they had started a 6-month suspension on my license in September FOR NO REASON AT ALL. I explained to them (many times) that I only had two suspensions given and they said "Well... you know." There's no nice way to say this FUCK YOU DMV. I asked to speak to a supervisor since she supposedly couldn't do anything about it but she was in a meeting of course. So she took down my number and said she'll get back to me. FUCK YOU DMV. I doubt you'll be calling. I should have said that I would get my lawyer but man... why can't I think of the good threats until after I'm done talking to them. I'll call tomorrow and see what's really what.

So not having a license really puts me at a disadvantage in my life because now all I do is collect measly unemployment checks (god they're small) and webct work. Hopefully I should be getting a job soon in overnight stocking. I've always wanted to work the graveyard shift.

Watermelon love. I don't know if this is old or not but I don't care. It looked really good last night at 2 am when I needed sleep so it may not look good now. Just drink a bottle of NyQuill and it should be fine.

2/28/06 05:29 pm

I've just learned from the cafe across the street that its National Pancake Day! Everyone. Eat some pancakes and celebrate. Hooray for holidays.

2/26/06 09:30 pm

Ok I now understand why rappers need to be in movies. I just saw Out of Sight again and Don Cheadle is the least convincing OG ever portrayed on screen. Some problems I noticed

- Words like 'ordinary' are too big.
- When you call yourself a mother-fucker but only use one syllable (mug) so you say the G ever so slightly so that the sound is barely heard. You don't actually call yourself a MUG.
- sucked at shooting george clooney but I guess that was part of the script.

Hey I got this game called Chibi-Robo and it's OK.

2/25/06 09:38 pm

Poll #680268 Who's death was more tragic BE HONEST TWATS


Don Knotts
Darren McGavin

2/13/06 03:58 pm - l. Ron Butterfly

2/1/06 11:54 pm - In memoriam: fatty

I was going to post a bunch of pics of Chris Penn but I didn't feel like finding them and then uploading them to my webspace where they can be freely hotlinked.

1/29/06 08:04 pm - FUN WITHOUT FOOTBALL

I wish they made a line of soft drinks called CREATIVE JUICES because I certainly seem to be lacking in them at the moment. Maybe I'll just drink 10 cups of coffee and see how much mucking around I can get done on one of my projects before I burn out. But enough about my shortcomings, it's time to talk about the fantastic new games I've been playing! (yey)


it's ape escape. deal.

it varies.

a 4 dollar used game. and it doesnt work, go figure.
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